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It's time for the McCaskeys to write a check and make Lovie go away

November 10, 2009, 12:42 PM

By: Marc Silverman

So let me get this straight. The Bears asked you to pay thousands of dollars for PSLs for the renovation of Soldier Field. Told you it's part of the landscape of the current NFL. Meantime, they won't pay up to send a bad head coach packing?

Don't keep Lovie Smith because he's owed $11 million. Keep him if you think he can lead you to a Super Bowl title. So which is it, McCaskey family? Cheap or stupid?

How about you do something that's part of the NFL landscape and buy out a coach whose run is over? "Lovie is our coach." Sounds familiar. And no, that doesn't mean I'm giving general manager Jerry Angelo a pass. This is the story of the new "Three Bears."

"Jerry Bear": Drafts terribly and has assembled an awful roster, redshirts included.
"Lovie Bear": The defensive equivalent of Jim Zorn. He has fired more than 10 assistants and never looks in the mirror to blame himself. Living off accomplishments from one season, and he really wasn't a great coach then.
"Tommie Bear": The overpaid, underachieving player. I'm not just talking about Tommie Harris. There are lots of these guys on this roster.

I stunk at math, but I do know that Jerry Bear+Lovie Bear+Tommie Bear=7-9. Come to think of it, it can also be the story of the new "Bad News Bears." And to think, nine weeks ago, I was as excited as I've ever been for a Bears season to begin.

• Sixty-five degrees and sunny. We had just had our longest dry spell in a while. Somehow, the Soldier Field turf had more potholes than Lake Shore Drive in February. Six hundred million dollars for a UFO and the worst turf in the NFL. The park district remains in denial. The Bears remain in denial. If the Bears ever trade for Anquan Boldin, I hope this poor excuse for a "professional" field doesn't keep the WR on the sideline.

You do realize that this past weekend's weather was better than what we got half the weekends this summer.

Troy Aikman … your line about high school football being played on Fridays was a classic. Well done.

• It's going to be interesting to see whether former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt and former Bears QB Jim Harbaugh will provide the final one-two punch to Charlie Weis' double chin. If Notre Dame loses both of those games, I can't see the Irish keeping "Sorry Charlie." As one of the board members of the "rooting against Charlie Weis Club," I'm going to shock you. If Lovie does stay, and the Bears do their typical Bears thing and use Ron Turner as yet another scapegoat, I would be interested in hiring Weis as the Bears' offensive coordinator. He knows offense. He knows how to develop a young quarterback. He knows the NFL. Is this a crazy thought?

• Welcome back to reality, Kyle Orton.

• Who can criticize anything New Orleans is doing? OK, I will. I saw Saints coach Sean Payton do it Sunday. He calls a timeout, then challenges a play, loses the challenge and thus another timeout. Basically, he lost two timeouts on one challenge. Payton is a great football mind. How can he blow something so simple? Why would you ever call a timeout and then challenge? Just throw the flag and that works as your timeout.

• Is the ghost of Bill Wirtz back and working for Versus? As I sit watching "Monday Night Football," TV No. 2 is supposed to have have Hawks-Kings. I'm getting texted by one of ESPN 1000's producers saying "What a third!" Now, I know he wasn't talking about the third quarter of the football game because Denver just scored another defensive touchdown and most of my friends root against the Broncos. He was talking third period. And why not. I wanted to see Jonathan Toews back on the ice. I wanted to see this team bounce back from the ill-fated "father's trip." Wanted to see three third-period Hawks goals, but this DirecTV-Versus feud continues. As usual, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman does nothing. I finally enjoy watching the Hawks again and now televised games are getting taken away from me again? Can John McDonough fire Bettman?

Waddle and Silvy

Marc Silverman/

Tom Waddle, left, and Marc Silverman at the Halloween party.

• Congrats to my Salukis for jumping to No. 1 in the Division I Football Championship Subdivision poll. Coach Dale Lennon has done a great job since Jerry Kill left for Northern Illinois. Time to grab our first national title since 1983. The dream ended in the semis a couple of years ago when a guy named Joe Flacco came to Carbondale and single-handedly beat the dawgs. All the way this year!

• As Veterans Day approaches, a special shout-out to fellow Saluki and a guy who has been like a big brother to me, Gary Dangerfield. Excuse me, that's Lt. Col. Dangerfield, sir! Gary is a Chicago native and die-hard Bears fan. He recently returned from a second tour of duty in Iraq. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gary! Thanks to all who serve.

• Episode 2 of "Friday Night Lights" featured a cameo by a college football coach playing himself. Coach Mike Leach of Texas Tech stole the scene asking for directions. We all need to "find our inner pirate."

• Kudos to Larry David and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Needed the pick-me-up Sunday night. Your pink panties and "two ways to suffer a neck injury" were outstanding.

• As promised, here's a look at the Waddle family Halloween party.

D-Rose at the end of the game, Vinny!

Thank you to all, and to all a good night.


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