Sorry Charlie

Weis isn't aware his Irish future has been decided, but it's obvious

November 17, 2009, 2:46 PM

By: Marc Silverman

South Bend needs an Urban revival.

I know, if you're an Irish fan, you've been here before. You've heard ND is Urban Meyer's "dream job," and he's said "No."


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Charlie Weis said he doesn't think a decision has been made about his future at Notre Dame, but many would disagree.

Go to the plate one more time. Take your best swing. Hope that Meyer wins it all again, gives Tim Tebow a big hug and then waves goodbye to Florida for another challenge.

ND is a major challenge.

But ...

Meyer reportedly is paid less than Charlie Weis. The price to buy out Meyer reportedly is relatively cheap and isn't more expensive for ND. And winning it all at ND would make him one of the greatest college coaches in the history of the sport.

To restore the glory in South Bend, along with building a dynasty at Florida and being the underdog at Utah would complete the trifecta and put him on a pedestal all by himself.

Jack Swarbrick needs to keep Brian Kelly and others on speed dial. But Meyer has got to be your focus. Best and final offer. The time is now.

Meantime, Charlie explained at his Tuesday news conference that he doesn't believe a decision has been made on his future. Sorry Charlie, the decision was made by two different Navy coaches who beat you in South Bend.
By Wanny, who outcoached you.
By Rich Rodriguez, a coach whose job security is even more tenuous than yours.
By Syracuse, who shockingly came from behind to stun your team.
By your 16-19 record in the past three years.
By the fans and media who you've bullied.
By your players who questioned your game-planning ability. And not just recently. Do you remember who you started at QB in the 2007 opener versus Georgia Tech?
By not beating ranked teams and barely beating teams with winning records.

It's a mountain you cannot climb. You're not beating Stanford, you may not beat UConn, and if matched against a quality team in a bowl game, you'll lose again.

Get the resume together. It's time to start calling NFL teams. Run a pro offense, but it's time to run from South Bend.

"Good Time" Charlie and Brady "The Not So Mighty" Quinn; 48 hours a part, both looked lost.

Just four years ago, they were on top of the world. Before Quinn was left in the green room, he was the next Tom Brady. Now, Quinn's EAS-enhanced muscles fire blanks. Can't even throw a bomb that stays in bounds.

And don't even get me started on where to pitch Jeff Samardzija.

• Let me preface this by saying that I don't bet on games. My stomach gets tied in knots just sitting at the $10 blackjack table, so relying on teams to cover the spread would give me an ulcer. That said, I couldn't believe it last week when I saw Northwestern was a 5½-point underdog to the lowly Illini. Pat Fitzgerald's team just upset top-10 Iowa on the road and now have bowl hopes alive, and you think they're going to lose in Champaign Because Illinois beat Big 10 powers Minnesota and Michigan? If you bet on Juice, you deserved to lose more than the juice.

• Has any team had a wackier season than the Tennessee Titans? After an 0-6 start, Jeff Fisher wears a Peyton Manning jersey, the team turns to the QB who was a bit emotionally unreliable in the past, and now their 86-year-old owner gets fined $250K for flipping the bird at an opponent during a game. What is this, an episode of "Friday Night Lights"? And you know what? The Titans have emerged from it all as a pretty good team. Is Chris Johnson the best weapon in football? Many still go with the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson, but Johnson has made it a debate. This, however, is undebatable: The Titans are a better team than our Bears.

• Dick Jauron ... it's a shame, but in your case, good guys do finish last.

• Three weeks ago, the Washington Redskins were the laughing stock of the NFL, at least offensively. Here's a news flash: Bingo-calling Sherm Lewis teamed with Jim Zorn to form a better game plan against the Denver Broncos than the Bears have designed for any game this season.

• I still don't know what I have with my Bulls. Last week's loss to Toronto stuck in my craw. Too many guys are extremely inconsistent. Kirk Hinrich, John Salmons, Luol Deng and Brad Miller are all capable of dropping 20 one night, then going 2-for-12 the next.

I do have all the confidence in the world that Derrick Rose's offense will return and he'll be better than last season. I am shocked by how bad his defensive fundamentals remain. This kid works so hard, is so athletic, can rebound and block shots as good as anyone his size, but he can't stay in front of his man while defending one-on-one.

If Rose is going to be a true star in this league, his defense has got to get better. All this makes me appreciate Joakim Noah even more. Most improved and most consistent on this team. A double/double machine, Noah is a more athletic, coordinated version of what John Paxson thought he was getting in Ben Wallace a few years ago. He's not Kareem, but if the Bulls don't package him in a big deal, Noah will be a very solid, likable role player for years.

Too bad the NBA couldn't find a spot for him on the All-Star ballot. Now, my predictions for the always hellish "circus trip." Yes, Joakim, we call it that because the circus literally comes to town.
Sacramento -- loss;
Lakers -- loss;
Denver -- loss;
Portland -- loss;
Utah -- win;
Milwaukee -- win.
I really wanted to give this team more than two wins, but just can't based on history. A win is definitely possible as Miller and Salmons return to Sac-town, but the Kings have been decent so far. Utah is struggling the most of any of the six opponents. So 2-4 is what I'm expecting. A 1-5 trip wouldn't surprise me. Wish I had more optimism.

Jeremy Roenick

Bill Smith/Getty Images

Watching a tribute to Jeremy Roenick on Sunday at the United Center made some feel old.

• Thumbs up to Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson. Always a good read and entertaining guest on our show, Johnson's tribute to Ben Wilson, the Simeon basketball star who was killed 25 years, was a great read. Educational and emotional.

• Attended my third Hawks game of the season on Friday, when they played Toronto. There's not a better spot in the city than the UC for a Hawks games these days. Who thought I would ever say that? Four years ago, I would've rather gone to a Sky game.

Watching the Jeremy Roenick ceremony on Sunday made me feel old. Still feels like yesterday that JR was the young, emotional, talented, "stick your nose everywhere" center. I covered the news conference when Bob Murray announced the Hawks traded JR for Alex Zhamnov. Murray claimed, "the old way wasn't getting it done."

It was just an excuse to cover up the feud between Roenick and Bill Wirtz. It was the day the team lost me as a fan for about a decade. I wasn't the only one. That's why I welcome the news that the Hawks are getting close to signing extensions with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. These two will be great players for years. They'll bring in new fans and will eventually lead this team to its first cup since 1961. Mark my words. Thanks again Rocky, for bringing me back to hockey.


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