Bears spiraling down

Angelo not doing team any favors

December 1, 2009, 10:36 PM

By: Jonathan Hood

The 2009 season is just about done for the Bears. The Bears have lost four straight and six of their last seven games. Three of those losses were by 20 points or more.

They are tough to watch on a weekly basis.

Every team the Bears have lost to this season are better than the Bears right now -- and may have a brighter future:

Green Bay: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is up and coming and needs an offensive line.

Atlanta: The Falcons need consistency, but have a bright future with quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner.

Cincinnati: It took awhile, but finally the Bengals have put it together on both sides of the ball.

Arizona: Even with an aging Kurt Warner at quarterback, the offense continues to be dangerous.

San Francisco: The 49ers' defense with Willis leading the charge and Vernon Davis at tight end are formidable.

Philadelphia: Coach Andy Reid continues to lead the Eagles into the playoffs each year.

Minnesota: Amazing what's happened to this franchise with Brett Favre at quarterback.

General manager Jerry Angelo has really done a disservice to this year's team for assuming that the defense, which was substandard last year, would somehow snap back into form in 2009, and he also didn't pick up a veteran wide receiver that could complement quarterback Jay Cutler.

A organization with a solid plan would have done that.

It's amazing that Lovie Smith's coveted Cover-2 defense allowed 537 yards against the Vikings this past Sunday. The Bears clearly have a lot of work to do to become a Super Bowl-caliber team.

Smith could be fired today and the personnel will still be in place and still struggling. The questions from sports talk callers and texters saying that Lovie's lack of motivation is a problem are false. It's more of a lack of talent that doesn't measure up to the better teams in the NFL.

If you are wondering where the problems are with the Bears team, look a little higher than just the head coach -- take a gander at the general manager as well.


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