Vinny's gotta go

Del Negro is the Bulls version of Alpo Suhonen, Jim Essian, and Terry Bevington

December 11, 2009, 8:10 PM

By: Marc Silverman

When I landed in Los Angeles, I was hoping to get news that Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro was gone. When I traveled to New York City a couple of summers ago, before we took off Doug Collins was going to be the next Bulls head coach. By the time I landed he had already backed out.

I was hoping for big Bulls news yesterday. Instead I read that VDN is STILL the coach and is lashing out at critics? Child, please! Coach the team! DON'T lose by 30 points to the Raptors, try running something that like looks like an NBA offense and convince your team not to quit like they have. While you're at it, prevent guys from dancing and tying their shoes when they play you. Don't allow one of your players to shoot a fade-away three-pointer to win a game.

I don't care how tough your job is. That's your problem.

As Waddle would say: Don't tell me how choppy the water is. Dock the boat.

NOBODY needs to walk in your shoes to see how pathetic this team is. How would you like to put on construction boots and work outside when the wind chill is below zero. Those are the true Chicagoans who feel the pressure. Put on those shoes, Vinny -- then tell me how unfair you have it.

Your team was complimented for losing a playoff series last season when the Celtics were without their best player, Kevin Garnett. Don't tell me this is a tough town or people are now being unfair. Fans and media were toasting you for losing.

You are the Bulls version of Alpo Suhonen, Jim Essian, and Terry Bevington.

It's bad enough my favorite Chicago team is playing like it's 2000 again. Now I have to listen to the clueless coach rip the fans and media Who really care about this Bulls team???

You are in over your head. I look forward to the day you are replaced.


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