Parque admits flaws, Buehrle shows perfection

One lefty admits drug use, other one dominates AL champs

July 23, 2009, 11:30 PM

By: Tom Waddle

On a day when Jim Parque was a front page story for his admitted use of HGH, another less-than-physically-impressive White Sox lefty pitched a perfect game. It wasn't about an overpowering fastball or dominant physical stuff. It was about a guy hitting his spots, keeping the ball down and keeping an accomplished group of hitters off balance. A tip of the cap to Mark Buehrle, a great pitcher and a great guy.

Back to Parque for a moment. He cheated. After denying the offense, he finally came clean and told his story about using HGH. And somehow, someway, I can differentiate what he did from what Bonds and Manny and others did.

Jim Parque wasn't looking to build on a physically sound frame, unhappy with success and wanting more. He was a marginal starting pitcher, dealing with a debilitating injury and the impending mortality of his professional career. Speaking from experience, injuries are by far the worst part of being an athlete. After years of taking yourself to the brink physically, bouncing back ain't so easy.

In Parque's case, he saw using HGH as a way to salvage his dwindling career. He was wrong for breaking the rules, but I ask those of you willing to be honest with yourselves: What would you have done? Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am too old to have been faced with the same dilemma.

Other things rattling around in my head:

  • Anyone out there interested or impressed with the LeBron Story? Truly, who cares that a Division I college basketball player from an excellent basketball school dunked on LeBron? And did you see it? It wasn't an overly impressive dunk and LeBron certainly wasn't "posterized." Shame on James and the people at Nike for being so sensitive, and irrational, to think this would tarnish his image. Big deal, get over yourself. Showing humility would've further endeared LeBron to those who want to love him anyway.

  • Enough, Brett! I'm one of your biggest fans, but quit telling us how much of a grind it is to put your 40-year-old body through the rigors of an NFL season and offseason and then contact someone about coming back. Do it, or don't do it. It seems like a perfect fit in Minnesota. Sign the contract and show up for the first day of training camp. Your new teammates deserve as much!

  • I wonder if the Blackhawks consulted with Jim Parque on how to deal with the acknowledgement that their new $63 million investment has a shoulder injury. I believe they knew that Hossa had an injury when they signed him, and I don't doubt he will eventually be just fine for the upcoming season. I just don't understand why they didn't let it be known that he had an existing injury that needed some rehab and possibly minor surgery. Look, every professional, regardless of sport, has defects that need a little clean-up. I think the Blackhawk faithful would've understood. Now, I'm sure many feel like the ORGAN-I-ZATION was trying to pull one over on them.

  • We're a week away from the start of Bears training camp and I can't remember a time when I was more excited and more optimistic about the fellas in the burnt orange and navy blue. Camp should be a must-visit just to hear the whistle of a Jay Cutler skinny post throw!

  • The Brewers are cooked unless Doug Melvin pulls another rabbit out of his hat before the trade deadline. IF he lands Roy Halladay, I MAY change my tune. Same goes for the Cardinals. With that said, if no meaningful additions are made, this disappointing Cubs team will win their third consecutive Central Division title. Did you hear that Cardinal Howard?


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