Preseason opener

Bears look to find a rhythm against the Bills on Saturday

August 11, 2009, 2:42 PM

By: Jeff Dickerson

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner finally gets a chance to test out his new offensive toys Saturday night in Buffalo. Although the starters usually play sparingly in the preseason opener, the offensive coordinator has nonetheless set a list of goals for the first team to accomplish versus the Bills.

"Establish who we are, start to establish our identity," Turner said after Tuesday morning's light practice. "Keep it obviously very basic, and just go out and see how we execute. We've got a lot of new faces in the huddle starting with the quarterback, and we've got some new offensive linemen in there, at least two new starters.

"We're just trying to get rhythm, get everyone in sync, get everyone on the same page. With our young receivers we want to give them a chance to compete and see who's going to go out and play fast and react."

Two receivers in particular have garnered plenty of attention the last few days of camp: Brandon Rideau and Devin Aromashodu. Both are entering their third professional season, but neither has proven much in the NFL. Turner is quick to remind everybody to hold off on their evaluations until the Bears play a few games -- that being said, he's pleased with how Rideau and Aromashodu have seized the opportunity this summer.

"Brandon has shown flashes in the past of doing some really good things," said Turner. "Through maturity, those flashes become routine, they become regular, they become consistent. We have not played a preseason game yet, but what he's done so far, he's done well.

"He can play inside and outside, we can move him around a little bit, so he gives us some depth at really every position. In some of our personnel groups he's starting right now."

"[Devin] has opened my eyes, Jay's [Cutler] eyes, he's done some good things," said the offensive coordinator. "He's very quietly gone about his business. He's got good size, good speed, good hands, and he's shown he can handle it mentally. When the starting quarterback comes to a coordinator and comments on somebody, that's a good sign for a receiver."

And a good sign for the Bears, if either, or both individuals eventually pan out.

Other news and notes from Tuesday afternoon:

Jamar Williams had his left shoulder still wrapped in ice. There is little question Williams wants to play this weekend, especially because the competition at strongside linebacker is so fierce.

Fontel Mines departed the dining hall on crutches, with his left leg in a brace. Mines was carted off the field Monday during practice.

• Defensive end Joe Clermond wore a sling to lunch.

• Temporary long snapper J.J. Milan was given number 70, the same as Clermond.


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