Davis' brash prediction

Says Bears have pieces to win Super Bowl

September 7, 2009, 1:24 PM

By: Jeff Dickerson

There's one thing you can always say about Rashied Davis -- he doesn't lack ambition.

Rashied Davis

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Rashied Davis believes the Bears have what it takes to lift the Lombardi Trophy.

As a first-year player back in 2005, Davis brashly predicted a playoff victory over the Panthers. That didn't work out so well -- maybe because Davis set his sights too low.

"We've got enough to win a Super Bowl," Davis said before Monday's practice. "We've got enough people, enough players to win a Super Bowl. That's how I feel. I believe that everybody on this team feels that way, as we should. But, you know, all 31 other teams feel the same way, or at least they should."

The march to the postseason begins Sunday night at Lambeau Field, where the Packers crushed the Bears 37-3 last season. It got ugly quick, especially for the receivers, who were unable to get off the jam at the line of scrimmage.

"You never want to get beat like we did last year in Lambeau," Davis said. "We wound up beating them when they came here [20-17 in OT on December 22], but no one remembers that one."

Opening night could serve as a spot of redemption for Davis, and the entire receiver group in general, since most view that position as a weakness of the team.

"We all have egos," Davis said. "We all try to remain humble, and we are for the most part a humble group, but at the same time, we have egos as well. This is a manly sport, and all of that other stuff. No one wants to be perceived as a weak link, or being told flat out we're not good. It's time for us to go play."


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