Cutler rolls with the punches

Bears quarterback isn't bothered by criticism

September 16, 2009, 2:49 PM

By: Jeff Dickerson

Jay Cutler's inauspicious debut versus the Green Bay Packers on Sunday led to criticism from media, fans and even former NFL head coaches.

The quarterback's response to all the negative reaction: it just comes with the territory.

"You expect it, and when you lose, that stuff gets magnified even more," said Cutler before Wednesday's practice. "If we win that ballgame and I play a little better, it's going to be a much better outcome. I'm sure the columns are going to be a little more positive. When you throw four picks, you're going to get criticized, you're going to get picked apart a little bit. That's as expected."

Both Mike Martz and Jim Mora publicly admonished Cutler's for displaying a lack of accountability and acting immature at his postgame news conference on Sunday night.

"I heard briefly about it," Cutler said of the comments made by the two ex-coaches. "We can't worry about that, I can't worry about that. I'm just worried about the guys in the locker room getting better."

• Where was Greg Olsen at Lambeau Field? The starting tight end caught only one pass for eight yards -- hardly the productivity fans expected to see .

"I think it had a lot to do with them [Green Bay]," said Olsen. "They did a good job.

"They treated it kind of like a nickel, like they did last year. They did a lot of stuff with [Charles] Woodson, kind of shadowing me, and then when was wasn't, you know a lot of in-and-out bracket coverage. They did a good job. But as you can tell, we were able to make some plays. Earl [Bennett], Devin [Hester] and Johnny [Knox] made some big plays on the outside. That's something that if teams continue to try and do, our guys on the outside will continue to make those plays. Eventually, [opponents] will have to soften up and defend the whole field."

Pisa Tinoisamoa's sprained PCL opens up the door for Nick Roach to reclaim his starting job at strongside linebacker.

"It's another chance to play," said Roach. "It's just another chance to show improvement and improve on the field."

Roach certainly will earn his paycheck this Sunday against the Steelers. The linebacker is one of many players expected to pull double duty on special teams because of all the injuries suffered in Week 1.

• So much has been made of the brutal Soldier Field playing surface, I thought it was refreshing to hear Anthony Adam's take on the situation.

"I don't care at all," said Adams,. "You can put white chalk marks out there on the sidewalk and I'm going to play. It doesn't matter to me. I'm going to wear the same shoes and give the same energy."


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