Santo: Bradley, more moves to come

Trading Milton Bradley has been well-documented as the Chicago Cubs' top offseason priority. After failing to strike a deal for the volatile outfielder at the winter meetings, the Cubs still are looking for a trading partner.

Some fans might be frustrated by the lack of progress. Don't worry, says Cubs radio broadcaster Ron Santo.

"I definitely believe that Milton Bradley is going to be moved, and there's going to be other moves," Santo said Thursday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "There's no doubt in my mind. When you look at the free agents, it's not a great year for free agents. With this economy, there's players out there that have had good years that are not going to make the kind of money they have made. I think you will see more trades than you will free agents being picked up."

Santo, who turns 70 on Feb. 25, signed a three-year extension with WGN Radio earlier this week. A diabetic since his teens, Santo has endured many physical challenges, including having both legs amputated because of an infection caused by diabetes. He also has battled heart and circulation problems.

Apparently it will take more than that to keep Santo away from the broadcast booth.

"As long as I'm feeling good I'm going to do as many games as I can," said Santo, who enters his 21st season in the booth. "So far I'm having a good winter. I'm working out every other day, and i'm feeling really good. My sugars are good. When I don't travel with them or do a game I go nuts at home so I'm better off being there."

Consider Santo a fan of the Cubs' new owner, the Ricketts family.

"No. 1, I love it. I came up with the Wrigley family. That was before things changed with corporate owners," Santo said. "There were a lot of family owners, and I loved it. It's more personable. I know that Tom is a guy that loves the Cubs. He's very excited about owning this ballclub, and he definitely is going to bring a winner here. We're on the right track."