Sox's Guillen: Trade offers 'crazy'

OAKLAND, Calif. -- White Sox general manager Ken Williams keeps working the phones as the trade deadline approaches, all while revealing little about the process.

Leave it to manager Ozzie Guillen to offer a little insight.

Guillen has been hinting that the price teams want back in return for proven talent like Prince Fielder and Adam Dunn has been out of balance. On Saturday, he offered his strongest words yet on the subject.

Trying to be diplomatic when asked if he would reject all trade proposals he has seen, Guillen stopped himself.

Guillen To be honest with you, I think all the general managers out there are crazy. Wow.

-- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen

"To be honest with you, I think all the general managers out there are crazy," Guillen said. "Wow."

The latest trade proposal put in front of Guillen and the coaching staff required so much talent from the current major league roster that the talkative manager was nearly in shock.

"Do we talk about it? Yeah, we talk with the coaching staff," Guillen said. "I have this in mind. What do you guys think? I think that was the first time I got quiet because I don't have anything to say because it's not easy."

With the deadline just a week away, asking prices could drop, or teams in dire need of help could agree to overpay. Guillen continues to say his team is not in the latter category and he would be just fine with trying to get this club into the postseason.

If the season ended today, the wild card would come out of the American League East. That could leave the White Sox to face the New York Yankees in the opening round of the playoffs.

Without making a deadline deal, would this Sox team have a chance at stacking up against the Yankees?

"No," Guillen said. "[On] paper, you have [Derek] Jeter and Alex [Rodriguez] and [Mark] Teixeira, [Robinson] Cano. Not too many people on paper is better than New York. But on the field, we can compete because we know how to play the game. We know how to scratch out runs and I think our pitching staff is good enough to win in the playoffs, yes.

"Are we a better team? No. Well, I don't want to say a better team. Better names. Those guys, everybody knows a lot of people build a ballclub around them. But when you're in [the playoffs] you never know what's going to happen."

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com.