Ken Williams responds to tweets

CHICAGO -- White Sox general manager Ken Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen were left explaining things Wednesday after another round of critical Twitter messages from Guillen's son Oney.

After a rough weekend when the White Sox had a game rained out and then played three extra-inning games in a 22-hour stretch Saturday and Sunday, Oney was critical of the White Sox's GM.

Chief among those criticisms, Williams was seen at a comedy club Saturday night in the Chicago area at the same time the White Sox were playing a doubleheader at Kansas City.

"Wow. Just saw the sox gm coming out of a comedy club in Schaumburg with a female friend. I guess he didn't c the sox first loss," Oney Guillen tweeted. "Now u know what I'm talking about. In a pennant race and not even watching the game. Laughing at [Carlos] mencia jokes. Don't blame him."

Williams called Oney Guillen's Twitter messages, under the account name "OneyRoberto," disrespectful, but that he has a thick skin. He added his relationship with Ozzie Guillen, though, was fine and they were laughing and joking behind closed doors Tuesday.

"I'm sick of my name being in certain Twitters," Williams said. "It's disappointing. But I've since learned, especially dealing with Ozzie, that whatever I hear or read or any of that stuff that comes from the periphery, go to him and talk first. ... Do you feel like this? Are these your thoughts?"

Ozzie Guillen said his son's Twitter messages aren't statements coming from Ozzie himself and that his son is a grown man who has freedom of speech like every other American citizen. He said his son's expressions are instead gut feelings from a White Sox fan. He added he has not found the need to reign in his son's commentary.

"People look at it a different way because he's my kid or people might think he talked to me about it," Ozzie Guillen said.

"I understand his point. As a fan I respect that. As [your] kid you wish he wouldn't say that but how many times did I say something and people wish I didn't say it?

"When you put Oney in the middle, Oney is a grown man and he is not part of this organization. Oney says whatever he wants. The thing is, coming from him it looks bad."

Oney Guillen left his job in the White Sox's scouting and video department during spring training when a controversy arose over Twitter messages critical of the organization.

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com