Sick Jake Peavy stretches into 6th

PHOENIX -- Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen sees no reason why Jake Peavy wouldn't be able to start the season on the 25-man roster.

There was a question as to whether or not Peavy would even take the mound Saturday for his regular spot in the spring rotation. He ended up throwing 83 pitches.

Talk about determination from a guy who was bedridden for two days this week because of a stomach virus.

His reward was announced immediately after an 8-3 loss against the Oakland A's.

"The way he performed, yes; I don't see why not," Guillen said about Peavy's making the roster. "Obviously he has [two more] starts left. We'll see how he feels, but right now he has made progress to be on the ballclub. If everything goes the way it has gone so far I'm having him on the ballclub."

After his 83-pitch outing was over, Peavy barely had any energy remaining. He said he is still having trouble keeping down solid foods and planned on sleeping 10-12 hours.

"I felt OK," he said, staying seated at his locker instead of standing up as he usually does. "It was about what I expected. I just didn't try to do too much. I tried to get my work in, tried to stay on schedule. I've certainly had my better days, but we got through it. I was just changing speeds a little bit and got some balls hit at people."

His 5 2/3-inning outing was his longest during a spring training in which he is pulling double duty by not only preparing for the start of the season but also rehabbing from surgery last summer to reattach his latissimus dorsi muscle. He gave up three runs on seven hits, without a walk, but that wasn't the point. His goal was to stay on track to start the season on time and he did that by increasing his pitch total by 16 from his last start.

"Obviously, you don't want to go into any start feeling like that, but at times the situation calls for it," Peavy said. "I certainly did all I could do to feel as good as we could today. We had some great help from the trainers, getting fluids, and it was just good to go out there and be able to stay on track.

"It's obviously what I wanted to do. We had some discussion about it. Today was about what I expected it was going to be."

The outing was not without his concerns. Peavy himself said that trainer Herm Schneider suggested he delay the outing and Guillen said Friday night that it wasn't his first choice to have his veteran pitch.

Not only that, but Peavy admitted before the game that his shoulder was achy, something he attributed to just being achy in general throughout his body from his illness.

"I know people think your shoulder should feel great because you haven't thrown [since July], but when you don't use something, your whole body is kind of achy," Peavy said. "My shoulder was like that today. We'll see how it feels tomorrow and the next few days. I want to pitch and be ready for that fifth start in Kansas City and we'll see if that plays out. Certainly that's my goal right now.

Peavy is on track to start again Thursday against the Cubs in a game that will be broadcast nationally on ESPN2 at 4:05 p.m. CT.

He might ultimately have that April 6 start in Kansas City on his mind, but the White Sox have targeted more conservative return dates of April 10 or April 20. The reality is that Peavy has been able to get his wish thus far and there is no reason to believe that will stop now.

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com.