Ozney Guillen goes undrafted

CHICAGO -- The youngest son of manager Ozzie Guillen went undrafted in this week's First-Year Player Draft, with general manager Kenny Williams saying it was in the White Sox's best interest to stay away.

The White Sox drafted Ozney Guillen last season in the 22nd round, which reportedly added to last year's friction between Guillen and Williams that was resolved this offseason. Williams' son was drafted by the White Sox in the sixth round in 2008.

Ozney Guillen elected to not sign last year and attended Miami Dade College, where he batted .347 with 26 runs scored and 33 RBIs in 44 games this past season. Projected to play on the corners (left field, right field, third base or first base) it was Ozney Guillen's one home run that likely hurt his draft prospects.

The White Sox's scouting staff was clearly looking deeper than the numbers when it stayed away this year. Although Williams didn't say it specifically, it is believed that one issue from drafting Ozney and being in charge of his development is that it would potentially put the club in the crossfire of often critical Twitter messages from Ozzie Guillen's middle son Oney.

"I think the potential for distractions weigh heavily toward a situation that is not in anybody's best interest," Williams said.

Williams was asked if he thought friction would arise from not drafting the manager's son this time around.

"Not as much I was concerned there would be if we did," he said. "So we took the position that we would just bow out and let the natural course of the day run. I wish things were different."

Ozzie Guillen did not have an issue with his son not being drafted or the White Sox electing to not select him this time around.

"They can draft whoever they want," Guillen said. "I don't expect the Sox to draft my kid because he's my kid. I expect the Sox to sign the people they think can help them in the future. I just talked to Ozney a couple minutes ago. It's frustrating, but [it's] our family problem, we'll leave it in the family. If he's not playing baseball, maybe it's for a reason."

Ozzie Guillen said it isn't his dream to see his sons play baseball anyway.

"My dream is seeing my kids graduate from college," Ozzie Guillen said. "My dream is not to see my kids play in the big leagues. It would be nice, but how many people make it to the big leagues? [There are] a lot of doctors and lawyers out there. I wish he could play baseball. He's fine. His mom is fine. We'll see. He's got another shot. He can go [back] to college. [Is] that the worst thing?"

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com.