Jack McKeon touts Ozzie Guillen

Florida Marlins manager Jack McKeon said Saturday he hasn't grown tired of the speculation that Ozzie Guillen will replace him in Miami at some point, and in fact McKeon thinks it could be a good fit.

Guillen was McKeon's third base coach when the Marlins won the 2003 World Series, and McKeon recommended the Chicago White Sox hire Guillen the following year to give him his first shot at managing. There is speculation Guillen could be headed back down to Florida, where he still has a home.

"He was a favorite down there, and he's a good baseball man," McKeon said on "Talkin' Baseball" on ESPN 1000. "And heck, I was one of the guys that recommended him to [Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf] and those guys when they called me and asked.

"I love the guy, and he's a good baseball man and he'd be an ideal fit."

Logan Morrison, the Marlins' outspoken left fielder, would have no qualms with Guillen leading their team.

"I just want to win," Morrison said Sunday. "So if he's going to help us win games, then come on aboard."

Morrison said he felt a team takes on the personality of its manager, so surely the fiery Guillen could make quite an impact on a young Marlins squad.

But McKeon doesn't necessarily share the sentiment that a manager should be fired when a team struggles, as the White Sox have this season.

"The way I look at it is this, you've got a good manager and your club isn't doing well, I think it's a case where you change the players, not the manager," McKeon said. "If you have a good manager you keep the manager and change the personnel like the Dodgers did for years with Walter Austin and Tommy Lasorda. They didn't fire those guys because they had a bad year now and then. They just went out and replaced the players and this is what you have when you have a good manager."

Currently though, Morrison said he's happy with his manager and if McKeon was up for it, he would love to see him back next season.

"I don't see (McKeon) as being 80, because he's got so much energy," Morrison said. "He still brings life and energy to the dugout, he has his sayings that he says all the time."

Morrison has made quite a name for himself with his opinionated Twitter feed and Guillen is no slouch himself when it comes to tweeting. Morrison joked that if Guillen were his manager he wouldn't have to ever speak with him face to face.

"Maybe we can just talk about strategy on Twitter," Morrison said. "Just be like, 'Who's throwing tomorrow, Ozzie? What were you thinking on that hit and run call?' Something like that. I don't know if Ozzie would be down with that, but ... he'd probably yell and tell me you're an idiot."

It's been a rough first half of the season for Guillen and the White Sox, who have struggled despite adding to their payroll with a big free agent signing in Adam Dunn. Guillen told a Detroit television crew on Friday that he's not worried about his job security.

"I don't give a [expletive] if I get fired," Guillen said. "I'm the only manager in baseball that [expletive] don't care about getting fired. I don't at all. If I get fired it's I don't do the job, I don't know where or why or what I do, but no, I should get fired. Look at the team they give me and we're not playing well."

Information from ESPNChicago.com's Sahadev Sharms was used in this report.