Mark Buehrle glad to join Ozzie Guillen

Mark Buehrle's difficult decision to sign with the Miami Marlins was made a little bit easier by an old friend, as the four-year, $58 million deal reunited him with Ozzie Guillen.

"[Guillen] was a pretty big factor in it," Buehrle said of his former Chicago White Sox manager on ESPN 1000's "Talkin' Baseball" on Saturday. "Obviously I like to be comfortable and going to a whole new situation there's a lot of unknowns right now. And I think going there, knowing what you're going to get from him ...

"You know how spring training's going to be run. You know family is going to be welcome in the clubhouse. You know he's a huge family man -- if you have any problems with your family along the way during the season he's going to tell you pretty much, 'Get out of here, go home, take care of business. We'll deal with baseball while you're not here.'"

While Guillen and former Sox bench coach Joey Cora will be a familiar presence for Buehrle, who spent all of his 11 major league seasons with the White Sox, not much else will be.

"[The White Sox] are all I've known," Buehrle said. "They drafted me and gave me a chance. That's the only organization I've known.

"It's going to be different going into spring training down in Jupiter. Walking into a clubhouse not knowing anybody. Besides Ozzie and Joey, walking in down there not knowing anybody, having to introduce myself and have to get to know a whole new group of guys."

Buehrle moves to the National League and joins a Marlins rotation that includes ace Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco.

"Obviously I think Josh Johnson's a big key if he's healthy," Buehrle said. "He's one of the elite pitchers in this league and if he's healthy I think we're going to be pretty good and get to where we want to get.

"I'm not too, too familiar with the division but obviously being a baseball fan and watching 'SportsCenter' and all kind of that stuff throughout the season you kind of know about the Braves and what the Phillies have to offer. And Washington's a great young team and they're coming up, so it's going to be a tough division."