Paul Konerko won't play Saturday

CHICAGO -- Despite having his left eye almost completely swollen shut, Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko said Saturday he felt good and would return to the lineup as soon as the swelling subsided.

Konerko was hit in the face by a splitter from Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija in the third inning on Friday. Konerko suffered a small laceration above his left eye and swelling. He did not return to the game. He was taken to Rush Hospital and underwent tests, which he said came back fine.

"I feel pretty good, obviously a black eye, swollen," Konerko said prior to Saturday's game at Wrigley Field. "It's a matter of getting the swelling down. There's no damage, no fractures, no problems with vision. I'm kind of seeing the swelling when I look out, so as soon as we get that out of the way, we'll be good to go."

Konerko thought there was a chance he could return to play on Sunday or, at worst, on Tuesday. The White Sox have an off day on Monday.

Konerko said he initially was worried he had suffered a serious eye injury because his vision was nearly instantly impaired when he was hit by the pitch.

"It kind of happens kind of fast, and (my eye) kind of blew up real quick. So when I was looking out in 5-10 seconds, my vision was obstructed by the swelling," Konerko said. "When it first happens, you think something is wrong with the actual vision, which is a different story. Luckily, it wasn't that.

"I have no dizziness. I really don't have any soreness up in that area. No other symptoms than what you see."

Konerko hit a two-run home run in his first at-bat on Friday. He is hitting .367 with eight home runs and 23 RBIs this season. He hit his 400th career home run earlier this season.