Matt Garza shows improvement

ST. LOUIS -- The back of Matt Garza's upper right arm was improved but still sore Sunday, one day after the Chicago Cubs right-hander was limited to three innings due to a triceps cramp.

Chicago manager Dale Sveum did not rule out the possibility that Garza could eventually go on the disabled list, although the Cubs remain confident they won't have to go down that road.

"I think obviously it was just 12 hours ago that we talked about it," Sveum said. "But he did seem to come in here today with a lot better frame of mind and very optimistic that he won't have to be on the DL, and he may even make his next start. We have a day off (Thursday), so we have the luxury with some stuff we can do."

Sveum said the injury is not believed to be related to the bone contusion Garza suffered last season.

"It doesn't feel the same," Garza said. "I don't think it's a bone contusion or anything like that. I just think it's a cramp that is stiff today. It's a sore muscle. I have better movement today than I did yesterday. That's a positive."

It remains unknown how much the cramp will affect Garza's chances to be dealt before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. Teams could want to see Garza take the mound again before they agree to trade for him.

"We'll know a heck of a lot more tomorrow, especially tomorrow evening," Sveum said.