Matt Garza wants to return

CHICAGO -- A downtrodden Matt Garza said Monday that he fought the Chicago Cubs' decision to put him on the disabled list this week and has every intention of pitching again before the end of the season.

Garza has been out since pitching July 21 at St. Louis. He was first diagnosed with a cramp in his right triceps with lingering soreness, but that was ultimately changed Monday to a stress reaction in the bone at the back of his right elbow.

"Yeah, definitely surprised (by the DL move)," Garza said. "I was throwing through this thing. To me, I thought it was just another bump. I'm fine, and we'll keep going. The doc said you've got to shut it down, and I've got to listen to the doc."

Cubs pitcher Blake Parker had a similar injury to Garza's and was out for about two months. On that timetable, Garza could come back with two weeks to go before the end of the season but with minor-league seasons completed by then, he wouldn't have a place for a rehab outing.

"I'm hoping (to come back); that's why I'm working my tail off," Garza said. "I'm doing everything I can, changing diet, just stuff to incorporate quicker healing or whatever. I've talked to nutritionists and taken care of what I need to take care of and try to get at this thing full force."

Manager Dale Sveum first noted the disappointment in Garza.

"He wasn't in the typical Matt Garza spirits, that's for sure," Sveum said. "I think he's a little down right now and disappointed with the outcome of everything. But by the same tone, he's going to do everything he can to get back as well."

As for comments from general manager Jed Hoyer last week that the Cubs now project Garza to be in the 2013 rotation, the right-hander said those prospects sound just fine.

"If somebody wants me to keep playing I'm all for it," Garza said. "I'm not looking ahead to anything. I'm just trying to get to where I can get back on the field and start playing. Hopefully it's soon, sooner than later, and I'm just going to be working my tail off to get it that way."