Carlos Marmol claims innocence

MESA, Ariz. -- Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol said Monday that he is angered by accusations of domestic abuse by a woman in the Dominican Republic, and he professed his innocence at the Cubs' training camp facility.

A source has maintained that no charges have been filed.

"I gave a ride to this girl that I know, and she said I tried to have sex with her," Marmol said. "I never did that."

Marmol said he first heard about the accusations on the radio in the Dominican Republic. He said the alleged incident took place on Oct. 28, 2012.

The woman filed a suit in civil court, Marmol said. Marmol may have to go back to the DR for a court appearance. El Nacional reported that Marmol was in court on Friday.

"I am frustrated a lot," Marmol said. "I didn't do anything. This is very frustrating. I gave her a ride to a party that is close to my house, and that was all. I am very [ticked] off. My lawyers and I went to the police, and we are trying to get her to go to jail."

Marmol and his lawyers have talked about a counter suit, but it is still unclear whether formal papers have been filed.

Cubs president Theo Epstein said Sunday he expects the matter to be resolved shortly.

"It's the organization's responsibility to take all accusations like that very seriously," Epstein said. "It was our decision to look into it a little bit. We don't have all the information, but all the information we have been able to gather backs up Carlos' story that he is not guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

"He may in fact be the victim here, if this case continues to be pursued like this, so all we can do is evaluate it on the merits. So far what we have seen backs Carlos' story, and we will continue to support him. We do expect that this matter will be behind him shortly based on the way it is proceeding in the Dominican courts."

Marmol is grateful for the organization's support.

"I'm glad they support me," he said. "They know I am telling the truth, and they know what is going on."

Marmol said he's surprised the case is still ongoing.

"The lawyers over there made a mistake because we have money and play baseball," he said. "They think everyone is stupid, and they are trying to make money."

Marmol said he knew the girl from his hometown but had never talked to her before the night he drove her to the party.

"This is about money and my reputation in baseball," he said. "I'm not going to give my money because I didn't do anything."