Matt Garza throws heat at White Sox

CHICAGO -- Cubs pitcher Matt Garza wasn't pleased that the White Sox gave him short notice of a new start time after a rain delay pushed back the beginning of Monday night's game between the clubs.

"They gave me 20 minutes to get loose," Garza said after the Cubs' 8-2 victory. "If anything that's their fault. They ran in at 7:15 p.m. and told us we were starting at 7:30 p.m. and we had to argue and say 'can't even have time to get loose.' "

The announced 7:30 start time was quickly pushed back to 7:40 but that still wasn't enough time. As the Cubs batted in the first inning, Garza was seen walking with pitching coach Chris Bosio from the Cubs bullpen behind the right field wall, to the dugout, stopping play as they strolled.

"That's just them trying to rush," Garza continued. "I'm not going to mess up my system just because they want to rush me to the mound. It was a make-up game, it's not like it was Game 7 and we were delayed 3-4 times."

Garza pitched seven innings, giving up just one earned run in the win.