Bulls host free-agent forwards

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Bulls hosted free-agent power forward Carlos Boozer on Thursday as they search to add a big man to pair with point guard Derrick Rose.

The Bulls had breakfast with Boozer on Friday morning and met with fellow forwards Chris Bosh and David Lee later that day. The Bulls were scheduled to meet with LeBron James in northeast Ohio.

Bosh has been chronicling his free-agency experience through his Twitter account. After his Thursday meetings, Bosh tweeted that he just had dinner with Dwyane Wade, and that it was a great way to end Day 1.

He tweeted: "although it feels like someone is missing ..."; an obvious reference to James.

Bosh also addressed the subject of him filming his free-agent recruiting process.

"I don't film my meetings," he tweeted. "I am a professional. Having control of your own media is a distraction, but when other networks do it, it's not?"

Bosh also met with the New York Knicks on Friday.

Chicago opened the first day of free agency Thursday by hosting Wade for a nearly two-hour meeting. Wade, a Chicago-area native, is expected to remain with the Miami Heat. He met with the New Jersey Nets on Thursday and Knicks on Friday.

"So far, so good, very informative," Wade's Chicago-based agent, Henry Thomas said.

Wade said he was "impressed" by the meetings with the Nets and Bulls.

Wade also appears to be filming the process. He arrived for his meeting with the Knicks accompanied by a camera crew. When asked if the Knicks have a chance, he said, "I'm in a New York state of mind, so we'll see."

The meeting lasted approximately two hours and 15 minutes, after which he said: "It was a good meeting, a real good meeting. I will say I'm intrigued."

Wade met with the Bulls for a second time Friday and a source told ESPN.com's Chad Ford that although Wade is interested in leaving Miami for his hometown team, he left the meeting non-commital and was one the fence. Wade was expected to meet with the Heat on Saturday in Chicago. He told The Associated Press he was going to take the weekend to mull his options.

"It's going to take the weekend for everyone to think about what they want to do," Wade told The Associated Press. "This is not an easy decision to make and everyone thinks it is."

Lee was scheduled to visit Minnesota on Saturday, according to his agent, Mark Bartelstein.

ESPN.com's Chad Ford and The Associated Press contributed to this report.