Derrick Rose excited for Obama event

NEW YORK -- Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will attend a fundraiser Thursday night for President Obama.

The 22-year-old is excited to once again meet up with the president, a former Illinois senator from Chicago.

"I got a suit, picked out a suit [Monday]," he said before Tuesday morning's shootaround. "Me and my best friend [are going], so that's going to be an interesting night. [I'll] get some rest and hopefully it will be fun later on."

Rose has met the president on several occasions. First, he and his teammates were invited to the White House shortly after Obama took office in early 2009.

Earlier this summer, Rose and teammate Joakim Noah were among a handful of NBA players invited to participate in a basketball game for troops.

"I haven't talked to him since [the game in August], but I know that if I really want to get in contact with him I can," Rose told ESPNChicago.com in December. "It would be great to have a decent relationship with the president. Especially somebody that's from [Chicago], and he's a good guy. It's not like I'm going to harass him or anything because that's not my character. But it would be cool to just hit up the president whenever you want to."

Rose knows that Obama, a longtime Bulls fan, has been bragging about his team whenever he gets the chance.

"Knowing him, yeah," Rose said with a laugh. "I know he has, for sure."

Rose is hoping that if the Bulls do in fact make the NBA Finals, Obama will be there for a game.

"That would be great," Rose said earlier this year. "I know that he would probably come to a game. How cool would that be?"

As for Tuesday night's game against the Knicks, Rose is dealing with a head cold, but says he will be fine. He knows Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau still will put him on the floor.

"If I ask him [to limit my minutes], he'll probably look at me and walk away anyway," Rose said. "But I'm fine, I've been playing with colds my whole life. Especially coming from Chicago."

Nick Friedell covers the Bulls for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000.