Phil Jackson sees Jerry Krause in Hall

Phil Jackson said Thursday he believes Jerry Krause will make it to the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame, but it may take a while, as it did with recent inductee Tex Winter.

Krause was the general manager during the Chicago Bulls' six championship seasons in the 1990s. He gave Jackson his first NBA head coaching job and built supporting casts around Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, who were the only two players on all six championship teams.

"I think it will happen," Jackson said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 when asked if Krause will make the Hall. "The Hall of Fame is a strange institution. Because it's about fame almost more than anything else. And one of the things about Tex is they didn't feel he was a head coach, so he didn't have that quote-unquote fame attached to who he was. But Tex has a tremendous amount of appeal and a following behind him.

"And Jerry has made a name for himself in basketball, and it will probably be there for a long time. He was executive of the year and so forth. But the Hall is more interested in players coming in rather than executives or -- matter of fact I think coaches and players probably first and then perhaps executives. So getting around to executives coming in the Hall of Fame I think will take a bit and take a concerted effort."

Krause once served on the Hall of Fame's Veterans Committee, but he quit in protest when Winter was not inducted.

"[Krause] really had a disagreement with them because he couldn't get Tex on that Hall of Fame at a time when Tex could have spoken for himself, which would have been the honorable thing to do," Jackson said.

Jackson and Krause crossed paths at the August induction ceremony, which included Winter and Dennis Rodman. Winter had expressed to Krause that he wanted he and Jackson -- who enjoyed a sometimes contentious relationship -- to shake hands during the festivities, according to Yahoo! Sports.

"For Tex, I would jump off a building," Krause told Yahoo. "I've seen Phil walking down the opposite side of the hallway, and I've kept right on going past him. I've never stopped. But for Tex, yeah ... I'll do it."

Jackson said the two did shake hands.

"One of the nice things was that Jerry Krause was in the same row I was in at the Hall of Fame and we were able to shake hands," Jackson said. "I was able to see his wife Thelma and greet her, too, and kind of debunk that myth that there's some kind of animosity that's gone between us. There really isn't. Jerry does hold some things, and always has, some things that he feels are differences of opinions for himself. But I've always felt grateful to him for establishing my career and helping me get to that point. So that was nice.

"It was a cordial exchange. It was prior to the ceremony, obviously, and you know at the end of the ceremony I was on the stage and getting off the stage I was taken through a side door. So I didn't have an opportunity to talk to him post-ceremony."