Derrick Rose to face Magic

ORLANDO -- Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, who fell on his left elbow Wednesday, will play Friday night against the Orlando Magic.

Rip Hamilton, who is battling a groin injury that he tweaked Wednesday, will be a game-time decision. But during the pre-game interviews, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau described Hamilton as "doubtful", and hinted that he wouldn't play.

Rose underwent an X-ray on the elbow and said Wednesday he was fine. He wrapped the elbow in ice after Friday morning's shootaround and was wearing a compression sleeve, which he said he's been wearing to reduce the swelling.

"It's fine," Rose said Friday. "You know if it was messed up, I still wouldn't tell you. It's good.

"Hopefully tonight I get treatment on it. I should be fine."

Rose scored 17 points Wednesday in a 99-83 win over the Detroit Pistons.

"He's good," said Thibodeau, who added the treatment consisted of "rest, ice, the normal treatment you would get for a bump and bruise."

The Bulls are going for their sixth straight win. Coincidentally, Rose will be facing Dwight Howard, who has landed two hard fouls on Rose in the past.

"No, I'm still going to attack," Rose said when asked if he'll change his aggressive style against Howard. "Go to the hole. There's no change, where I'm a drive-first guy. But when you play him, you've definitely got to know that he's going to contest everything."

Rose's latest injury was the result of a hard foul from Pistons forward Damien Wilkins with 3:35 left to play in the game. He stayed on the ground for a moment before walking off under his own power to the bench.

"[The elbow] hit on the court," Rose said Wednesday. "First it felt good, till I went back to the bench, then it was kind of sore and throbbing a little bit, but I'm all right ... It's something I can play through."

Hamilton did not sound as optimistic. One reason he may have been motivated to play through the injury Wednesday was the prospect of facing his old team. The Pistons released Hamilton after nine seasons.

"When I went back to Detroit, there was no way I was going to sit out that game," he said Friday. "And just adrenaline alone, '[I was] like you're good, there's no way [you're not playing].' I don't care who would tell me how hurt I was. I was playing regardless. And [the groin] pulled in the game. I wrapped [the groin] up in the game and it was bothering me [Thursday] so we'll see.

"The groin is crazy. It's one of those things that could be nagging. I thought I was good. I thought I was where I felt as though I'm ready to come back. But like I said, nobody could keep me off that floor [in Detroit] anyway. I don't give a damn. I was going to play. I told [the trainers] both. Regardless, I'm playing. There was no way I was going to sit on the sideline."

Thibodeau said he believed Hamilton was fit to play in Detroit.

"For him, it's Detroit," Thibodeau said. "But he was feeling better so we thought he was ready and that's why he played. We want him to get treatment. We want him to be healthy. And as we go forward, we're going to make sure that he's healthy."

Rose understands the challenge if Hamilton can't play on Friday.

"It's going to hurt us, especially when you lose a player like that," Rose said. "But we're ready for anything. We have other guys on the team that's ready to step in and play. But we'll definitely miss him tonight."

Nick Friedell covers the Bulls for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000.