Derrick Rose 'doing more and more'

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau said Sunday that superstar Derrick Rose is "doing more and more on the court" as he recovers from an ACL injury in his left knee but is "still a ways away" from returning to actual practice.

Rose has been doing a little more shooting and running while starting to do some walk-through exercises with his teammates, but the actual practice is a different matter.

"He's still a ways away from that, from the actual practice part," Thibodeau said after Sunday afternoon's practice.

Rose, who tore his ACL on April 28 and had surgery on May 12, is getting closer to a return to the floor, but Thibodeau said he doesn't expect Rose to be on the bench in the near future as he continues his recovery.

"We'll see," Thibodeau said. "Once he starts doing more in practice then he'll be with us more, but right now the focus still has to be on his rehab and the things that he needs to do. He's got to do a lot of things off the court still. He's doing more and more on the court, which is encouraging, but he's still a ways away."

Thibodeau was happy to see Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio return from his ACL injury Saturday night, but he doesn't believe people should compare Rubio's recovery with Rose's.

"I don't think it has really anything to do with Derrick," Thibodeau said. "Because I think each guy is different and separate, but I'm happy to see it for him. Ricky Rubio is a terrific player and you hate to see anybody go down with that type of injury, so I'm glad that he's back. I think it will be a big plus for Minnesota.

"Derrick's doing fine. Just got to be patient, he's got to keep doing the things that he's doing."

Like many within the Bulls' organization, Thibodeau is convinced Rose will come back stronger than ever, especially after seeing Rubio's impressive return to the floor.

"The way medicine is today, you see guys fully recover, and in some cases, even better than they were before the injury," Thibodeau said. "You just got to be patient, it's an injury that takes time and hopefully everything works out."