LeBron, Blackhawks tweet respect

Not long after scoring the winning basket Wednesday to extend the Miami Heat's winning streak to a franchise-record 16 games, LeBron James tweeted his respect to another team that had just extended its record-setting streak.

"Hey Chicago Blackhawks, u guys are AWESOME!! #streaking," James tweeted after the Hawks extended their NHL record for opening the season without a regulation loss to 24 games.

Patrick Kane, who leads the Hawks in goals and assists, tweeted back to James: "Back at you LeBron. Keep rolling."

Blackhawks winger Bryan Bickell also responded to James via Twitter: "Thanks for the support man. It's been pretty crazy."

Daniel Carcillo scored the tiebreaking goal with 49.3 seconds left as the Blackhawks won their 11th consecutive game, beating the Avalanche 3-2.

"Being down, resiliency, perseverance, whatever you want to call it, there's a belief in this locker room that whatever position we're in, we can come back," Carcillo said. "That's one of our biggest assets."

Comparing the streaks has become one of the hotter debates in sports. Some hockey fans dismiss the comparison because the Hawks' streak is a league record while the Heat's streak isn't even the longest in the NBA this season -- the mark belongs to the Clippers at 17. But Kane said the comparison was "cool."

Wayne Gretzky told "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 on Wednesday that the comparison was good for the NHL.

"It's nice to sit down and listen to talk shows and listen to TV shows," Gretzky said. "People are saying, 'OK, who is the better team right now and who has the hottest streak? The Heat or the Chicago Blackhawks?' That only enhances our sport and makes it bigger and better."

Gretzky envisioned having the debate with Michael Jordan. While Gretzky assumed Jordan would say the Heat's streak is better, Jordan has been a frequent visitor to Hawks games over the past few seasons.

"If we were sitting here, Michael Jordan would say what the Heat are doing is better than the Blackhawks," Gretzky said. "And if I was sitting with him, I would tell him what the Blackhawks are doing is better than the Heat.

"We're all biased to our own sport, and we all loved what we played, and we think the thing we did is the greatest sport in the world. But that's what sports is all about. People stand around and talk about it. 'Who's the best team? Who's the best player? Who's the most exciting athletes to watch?' There's no true answers, except who becomes the champion of each and every sport. That's when questions get truly answered."

The Heat are trying to win their second title in a row while the Hawks are vying for their second in the past four years.

Information from ESPNChicago.com's Scott Powers and The Associated Press was used in this report.