Source: NCAA clears Milton Doyle

Kansas freshman guard Milton Doyle has been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse and will be eligible to play next season for the Jayhawks, a source familiar with the situation confirmed.

Doyle, who played at Marshall High School in Chicago, has been enrolled in summer school at Kansas and was awaiting the NCAA Clearinghouse's approval. Doyle transferred to Marshall after his sophomore year at Tilden and the NCAA was investigating his credits.

"It's truly a blessing," Doyle's mother Lisa Green said. "To come from where he was to now, it's really big. It's really big. I can't even describe it."

Doyle, a 6-foot-4 guard, originally signed with Florida International, and he was allowed out of his letter of intent when Isiah Thomas was fired as the school's coach.

Thomas thought so highly of Doyle he helped pass the word to Kansas about him.

"I knew coach (Kansas coach Bill) Self when he was at Illinois," said Thomas, a Chicago native. "I always helped with a couple players there. I've also had a good relationship with members of his coaching staff. I felt with Milton's style, and they've had experience with Chicago kids before and they've done well by them. I thought it would be a good fit for him.

"I did for Milton what I always try to do for players from Chicago. I've helped everyone from Chicago. I've done that since I got to the NBA. He also happened to be from my neighborhood and went to the high school my brother went to."

Thomas believed Doyle was the type of player who could have changed Florida International's program.

"Very rarely do you see a player in high school that has so many skills in terms of stuffing the stat sheet," Thomas said of Doyle. "He rebounds the ball well. He can score in a multitude of ways. He can score from the perimeter. He can score off the bounce. He can at the foul line, and he can score off rebounds. He's a guy who will always find a way to leave his mark on the game.

"For us at FIU, he would have been our first true impact player. He would have been to FIU what Johnny Dawkins was to Coach K (Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski). He would have put us on the map."

Doyle averaged 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists while playing in the Chicago Public League his senior season. He was selected to the ESPNChicago.com all-area team.

ESPN.com's Dave Telep contributed to this story.