Billick would have been interested in ND

Former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick, whose team won Super Bowl XXXV, said he would have considered returning to the college coaching ranks if he had been approached by Notre Dame.

Billick, appearing on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 on Wednesday, is a former Stanford assistant coach.

"It became apparent to me that their focus was clearly on [pursuing candidates] on the college side," Billick said. "If it were to come back the other way, it would be worth considering only because it was Notre Dame.

"But I think they have a pretty clear path of what they want to do."

Billick's name surfaced as a possible target for Notre Dame after Charlie Weis was fired.

"Common senses says ... you tend not to hire what you just fired," Billick said. "And Notre Dame, having gone through with Charlie Weis and the pro experience, I'm sure they were focused on some excellent college coaches.

"But if there were a college job that would pull me back into college, certainly Notre Dame would be that job."