Favre not enjoying cold road games

With the Minnesota Vikings' loss Sunday night to the Carolina Panthers, an interesting trend for Brett Favre came to light again. The game-time temperature in Charlotte's Bank of America Stadium on Sunday night was 37 degrees. In Favre's past seven road games (including playoff games) when the game-time temperature is 37 degrees or below, Favre's team has lost. Not only has his team lost, but in six of those seven losses, his team has lost by double digits. In those seven games, those Favre-led teams have been outscored 195-68, including five games in which his teams failed to score more than seven points. A Favre-led team has not won on the road when the game-time temperature was 37 degrees or below in nearly eight years. The last time it happened was Week 17 of the 2001 season (Jan. 6, 2002) when the Packers beat the Giants 34-25 at the Meadowlands.


Here are Favre's numbers from his past seven road games with a game-time temperature below 38 degrees.

Why is this a big deal, you ask?

Well looking at the Vikings' schedule: Week 16 has them traveling to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears on "Monday Night Football." Weather.com is forecasting the temperature to be 29 degrees at game time. If the Vikings lose to the Bears, it would drop them to 11-4 and a conference record of 8-3. If the Philadelphia Eagles were to find a way to win their last two games, over the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys, and were tied with the Vikings at 12-4, the Eagles would receive the No. 2 seed (because of a better conference record) in the NFC and the coveted bye and home field for the divisional round of the playoffs. Should the Vikings be the No. 3 seed, they would have to travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles in the divisional round (should they win their wild-card game) where a January game in Philadelphia is likely to be 37 degrees or below at game time.

Why this might not be a big deal ...

Even if the Vikings lose to the Bears in Week 16, there are still many scenarios in which the Vikings would get the No. 2 seed in the NFC. If the Vikings receive the No. 2 seed, the only other place they would have to play in the NFC playoffs is the controlled environment of the Louisiana Superdome, the home of the top-seeded New Orleans Saints.