Westbrook would love to play in Chicago

Former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook said Friday he would love to play for the Chicago Bears, and he's not concerned about potential concussion issues.

"I would love to play in Chicago; I would love to play anywhere," Westbrook said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN 1000. "They have a pretty good quarterback there [in Jay Cutler]; great defense.

"There's no question that I would love to definitely play in Chicago."

And Westbrook wasn't deterred by the fact the Bears consider Matt Forte to be their No. 1 running back.

"I've admired Matt's game from afar," Westbrook said. "He's a young guy, very talented. I like the way he runs. I like the way he plays the game. He plays with a passion. He runs hard.

"So no, I wouldn't have a problem with sharing the load. In this day and age, everybody needs to share the load. At the age of 30, I know that I won't be carrying the ball 30 times a game like I used to, but I would like the opportunity to be in the backfield with another back. Matt is definitely a great running back."

At the NFL combine in Indianapolis, Bears coach Lovie Smith said his team could use help in the backfield.

"We're trying to improve our ballclub at all positions," he said. "This past season, we weren't as pleased as we'd like to be with our running back situation. So we'll look at everyone available."

Westbrook shot down speculation that he could be retiring because of health issues. He had two concussions last season and an ankle injury that cost him eight games, which led to his release from the Eagles. Westbrook said he would be playing next season with a clean bill of health from his neurologist.

"No, I'm not concerned about that [concussion issue] at all," he said. "I played the last few games. They [doctors] said that I'm healthy and that I can play."

Westbrook said "it was tough" to leave Philadelphia.

"Anytime you live in a city where you've been at for eight years and had an opportunity to grow up and become a man at, it's always going to be tough," he said. "Life goes on after leaving Philadelphia."

He also said he wouldn't be shocked if Donovan McNabb followed him out of Philadelphia.

"It wouldn't shock me at all if he got traded or released," Westbrook said. "I know that he is very unappreciated in Philadelphia. ... He's definitely unappreciated for the things that he does and the things that he brings to Philadelphia.

"I think Donovan brings so much to a football team: leadership; a high quality of play. You can't replace that easily. I definitely can't see him leaving there, but at the same time, it's going to become a money thing at some point."