Sayers takes aim at Urlacher

As Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears prepared for their first training camp practice Friday, they knew there would be plenty of aggressiveness directed at teammates.

What Urlacher may not have expected was the resurrection of a verbal feud between himself and Bears legend Gale Sayers.

Sayers, appearing Friday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000, responded to verbal shots Urlacher took at the Hall of Fame running back in May for questioning how good the Bears will be this season.

"I was very, very surprised," Sayers said. "Do people want me to lie and tell them that I think they're gonna win the Super Bowl or they're gonna win 14, 15 ball games?

"I couldn't say that. So when the reporter [in May] asked me what did I think of the Bears, I said, 'Well, they got some problems right now.' Will they win the Super Bowl? I said 'No.' Then Urlacher, he came out and jumped on me, and I don't know why."

Urlacher first ripped Sayers for the Bears' lack of success while Sayers played from 1965-71, pointing out Sayers never led Chicago to a postseason berth. Urlacher, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, went on to say Sayers -- a Hall of Famer -- doesn't know how to win football games.

"In four, five, six years, he'll be up for the Hall of Fame, let's see if he makes the Hall of Fame," Sayers said. "It didn't bother me [what Urlacher said], because people knew that when I played the game of football, we had great players on our team, Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka, we just didn't have enough great players on our team.

"Whatever he said, I didn't listen to it and it didn't bother me."

Sayers, who said he hasn't spoken to Urlacher since the controversy surfaced, said it's a possibility Urlacher will make the Hall of Fame.

Sayers also had a parting shot for Brett Favre, who once again is contemplating retirement.

"I think he's a drama queen," Sayers said. "He's putting the Minnesota Vikings on hold until he comes back.

"And does he need the money? No. Does he need another ring? No. Go off, go in the sunset and play golf."