Politician sees Chicago Super Bowl

As Bears fans shift their focus from a successful -- yet controversial -- season to the Super Bowl, Chicago mayoral candidate Gery Chico seized the moment to tap into the NFL's momentum and grab headlines.

Chico, who trails Rahm Emanuel and Carol Moseley Braun in the polls, said if he's elected, he'll work toward bringing the Super Bowl to Chicago.

"We should pursue every possible avenue to bring America's greatest sports competition to America's greatest sports city," Chico said Saturday. "If New York can do it, Chicago can do it."

New Jersey will host the Super Bowl in 2014, but it's more than weather that Chicago organizers would have to consider. Soldier Field's capacity is just 61,500, which is considered at least 8,500 seats too small to host the Super Bowl.

"We should never allow the status quo to prevent our city from reaching for new heights," Chico said. "A Chicago Super Bowl would be good for our economy, good for our spirit and good for Chicagoans. It should be pursued."