Bears' average ticket rose 8.5 percent

CHICAGO -- A trip to the NFC Championship Game coupled with the smallest stadium in the National Football League equals one thing: High prices.

The Chicago Bears' average ticket price went up 8.5 percent this season, according to research from Team Marketing Report's annual Fan Cost Index. The NFL average ticket only went up 1.2 percent.

The Bears' average ticket, not including premium seats and suites, is $101.55, the fifth-highest price in the league. The Bears' premium (club) ticket is $389, the third-highest in the NFL. The NFL average ticket prices are $77.36 (general) and $242.34 (premium).

The Bears are always near the top of this report and tickets are always in high demand. As of Sept. 9, the average price for a home opener ticket on the secondary market was $207, according to SeatGeek, a ticket forecasting company. The Bears-Packers game on Sept. 25 is commanding an average price of $312, and is the third-most demanded game in the league right now.

The New York Jets claimed the top spot in the annual survey of tickets and fan costs with an average ticket of $120.85, just beating out New England's $117.84.

The Bears' FCI number, which measures the cost of a family of four to attend a game, is $557.18, the fifth-highest total, following the Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Patriots and New York Giants. Most importantly to some, the Bears' cheapest beer option is $8, slightly over the league average of $7.20.

More information on this report can be found at fancostexperience.com.

Jon Greenberg is a reporter for ESPNChicago.com.