Jason Babin calls out Bears' blocking

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz responded to the Twitter rant and subsequent comments made by Philadelphia defensive end Jason Babin, who ripped the coach and the team's blocking tactics utilized in Monday night's game.

According to multiple reports, Babin said the Eagles have brought the matter to the attention of the NFL.

Babin wrote on his Twitter account: "Watched the @Bears tape today. Would like to put hands on the OC, he is a chicken [expletive]. I really hope [Bears head coach] Lovie [Smith] didn't approve the crack block."

The block in question came early in the game when Bears tight end Kellen Davis came in motion and delivered a crushing crack block on Babin from the side that the defensive end considers questionable, but admitted that technically it's not illegal.

"They brought a tight end in motion and hit me from the side; I couldn't see him," Babin told Philadelphia Sports Daily. "It was definitely intentional. I know these guys here have brought it to Roger [Goodell]'s attention. I don't think anything has come of it yet. But if everything is about safety and protecting players, then that should definitely fall under the safety rules and regulations."

NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello said he had "no knowledge" of the complaint, and added that he would not comment on "confidential conversations between teams and our office," when contacted by the website.

Martz disagreed with Babin's point of view on the block, and chalked up the play to the Bears simply playing a physical brand of football.

"Oh, no, everything that we did in that game is certainly appropriate," Martz said. "There was nothing inappropriate. It certainly was within the guidelines of the NFL. I'm sure that if that was not the case, then we'd hear about it. We went after the Eagles. The guys are getting better, and we're trying to get them to play physical football, and that's what we did."

According to Babin, such play occurred repeatedly during Chicago's 30-24 victory.

"The majority of the game they were doing stuff like that," Babin told the website. "There was hardly any one-on-one blocking, and cheap shots. So I was a little frustrated."

Babin added: "I would assume Lovie Smith has enough professionalism to not do something like that."

Michael C. Wright covers the Bears for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000.