Report: Matthew Hinson pleads guilty

A Jacksonville man who fatally stabbed a Chicago fan before a Bears-Jaguars game in October pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree murder and could get life in prison, according to a report.

Matthew Reid Hinson, 28, awaits sentencing, according to the Florida Times-Union, for stabbing William "Christopher" Pettry, a 42-year-old Lake Villa, Ill., resident and Bears fan in Jacksonville for an Oct. 7 game.

Police said Pettry was stabbed after he and a friend were talking to Hinson's wife at Fionn MacCool's, a restaurant and bar in the Jacksonville Landing area.

The Bears supported Pettry's family in the weeks following the incident with former tight end Kellen Davis organizing a fundraiser for Pettry's widow and three kids at a Chicago bar and quarterback Jay Cutler hosting the family for an Oct. 22 game against the Detroit Lions.