Bryan Bickell takes omission in stride

As it turns out, it wasn't NHL rules that prevented Chicago Blackhawks forward Bryan Bickell's name from being etched into the Stanley Cup. It was the team's decision.

It was incorrectly reported that league rules required a player to be on the roster for at least 41 games -- or at least one game in the Stanley Cup finals -- to have his name on the Cup. Bickell was under the same impression.

But a league spokesman said a few years ago a resolution was passed that the winning team can choose 52 names to put on the Cup.

Bickell played in 16 regular-season games and four postseason games.

"It doesn't really matter to me," Bickell said. "It kind of hurts that it's not on there ... but I was up and down all year."

Twenty-three players and 29 front-office personnel had their names on the Cup.

"[The Cup] just shows the core, and it doesn't start with the players, it starts with the people upstairs, too," Bickell said. "They help a lot and make everything happen. So I understand. Maybe next time."

A Blackhawks spokesman said the team would have no comment on the process of picking names.

Bickell received a Stanley Cup championship ring with his teammates on Wednesday.