Jonathan Toews: 'I feel great'

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews and defenseman Steve Montador say they are fully recovered from concussions which sidelined them near the end of last season.

The two were attending the NHL players meetings in Chicago in advance of negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement. Toews missed the last quarter of the regular season but participated in the playoffs before taking off extra time in the offseason to avoid any setbacks.

"Taking the time off and not going to the world championship was really big because I didn't want to risk it any further," Toews said. "I haven't felt or seen anything since so it's really good news."

Montador missed games in two different stints after getting hit in the head a second time late in the year. It took him a while to feel right again. He missed the postseason entirely.

"Met with some good people and got some treatment and a little bit of time does help too," Montador said. "Moving forward I feel there are no issues."

Montador said going to the rink but not being able to play was tough.

"I don't drink but it's like going to a party and you can't have a beer," he said. "It's such a tease. That emotional side of things is just as hard as questions about your future."

Montador visited with Marian Hossa after Hossa suffered a devastating head shot from Raffi Torres of the Phoenix Coyotes in the playoffs.

"I went over and saw him and you empathize and sympathize in all the ways," Montador said. "That first couple days are the worst and the thing that sucks the most is you don't do anything and you sit around your apartment and the boredom gets to you."

Hossa is said to be progressing and will hopefully get to the level of health where Montador and Toews currently stand.

"I kind of feel like a whole new man," Montador said. "I'm as excited to get this season going as any other ... just because I'm clear and healthier than I've been in years."

"I feel great," Toews said. "Been training a lot to get back in shape. Been doing a little fishing, relaxing up north in Canada. Having a great summer so far."