Obama: Follow in Blackhawks' steps

President Barack Obama has welcomed only one of his hometown Chicago sports teams, the Chicago Blackhawks, to the White House and let the other Chicago teams know his time was running out to see them before 2017.

"To the Bulls, Bears, Cubs, White Sox, I am term limited, so you guys got to get moving," Obama said during a news conference Monday to honor the Blackhawks' 2013 Stanley Cup championship.

"I need to see you here soon. Championships belong in Chicago. So to the Blackhawks, thank you for bringing them back home. Thank you for bringing the Stanley Cup."

The Blackhawks returned to the White House on Monday for the second time in three years to celebrate a Stanley Cup. The Blackhawks also met with Obama on March 11, 2011 to be honored for their 2010 Stanley Cup.

"Now since I took office, we've hosted a lot of championship teams from Boston and New York and Pittsburgh and Miami," Obama said. "But since I've been President only one team has brought a world championship to my hometown of Chicago. And now the Blackhawks have done it twice. Twice.

"Three years ago, the Hawks won their first Stanley Cup in 49 years. Keep in mind, the Cubs have been waiting 105, so 49 might not have seemed so bad. But luckily, the second Stanley Cup came just a little bit quicker."

Obama recounted the Blackhawks' success in the regular season and last season. He mentioned the leadership of Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane winning the Conn Smythe Trophy, and Duncan Keith returning home during the playoffs for the birth of his child. He also made a Michael Jordan reference in regards to Dave Bolland and Bryan Bickell scoring goals within 17 seconds to clinch the Stanley Cup against the Boston Bruins.

"That was the kind of clutch performance that would have made Jordan proud, which is why the statue was wearing a Blackhawks jersey during the playoffs," Obama said.

Obama also included a joke about Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford who let a few obscenities out during the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup celebration at Grant Park during the summer.

"Speaking of Grant Park, we were originally going to let Corey Crawford say a few words today, but we thought we'd keep this family event family friendly," Obama said. "You guys have been hanging out with [Chicago Mayor] Rahm Emanuel too much."

Chicago Blackhawks chairman Rocky Wirtz presented Obama with a Blackhawks jersey with his last name and the number 13 on it.