Marc Silverman


  • Grew up in Skokie and attended Niles North High School.

  • Graduated from Southern Illinois University, where he majored in Radio/Television, was named Top 25 Most Distinguished Seniors (out of nearly 24,000 students), and spent two years as Sports Director of University radio station.

    Career Background:

  • I have been in the Radio "biz" since my graduation in 1993 and in Chicago radio since 1995.

  • First job was in Estherville, IA, as the Sports Director of KILR Radio (1993-95)

  • Spent 1995-98 as primary Sports Reporter at WGN Radio, where he covered three Bulls Championships, hosted Cubs pre-games, covered all Bears practices and games, Blackhawks home games, and anchored night-time sports report.

  • Has been at ESPN 1000 since October of 1998 (one of the stations original hires), where he served as Bears beat reporter from 1998-2003 and hosted Bears pre and post-game shows from 2000-03.

  • Became Talk Show Host in 2004 as co-host of the Jay Mariotti Show.

  • Hosted Silvy and Carmen in 2005-06.

  • Hosted Waddle & Silvy since 2006.

  • Named 2007 Niles North High School Alumnus of the Year.

    Unique Experiences:

  • Covered six Super Bowls as a reporter.

  • Covered three Bulls Championships.

  • Attended Games 3 and 4 of 2005 World Series, including celebration party in Houston.

  • Hosted National ESPN Radio coverage of All Star Game HR derby in 2003.

  • Covered Mark McGwire's 61st and 62nd HRs in St. Louis in 1998.

  • Covered Dan Hampton's Hall of Fame induction.

    Sports Fan Experiences:

  • A diehard Cubs, Bulls and Bears fan, Silvy grew up with Cubs and Bulls season tickets.

  • HUGE Southern Illinois Salukis Basketball team booster.


  • Married to Allie.

  • Active athlete, especially on the softball field.

  • Enjoy public speaking appearances, including many charity auctions.

  • Lives in the city with Cosmo (jack russell terrier)

    Send him an email at waddleandsilvy@espnchicago.com.