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The loudest voices in sports belong to fans -- the roar of the crowd, the catcalls for players who left town for more money, the heckling of hated rivals and the critique of national announcers who mess up simple facts about our teams. Chicago fans are no different. They are a vocal and proud voice in the ESPN.com community. From comments on stories to the message boards to their profiles, they wear their team allegiance on their sleeves.

The Cubs, for example, were the most popular World Series winner from the NL among bloggers. The same posters picked the White Sox to win an AL pennant, but not a world championship.

We'd love to read your Chicago stories, watch your videos and view your pictures. Your passion and ideas about your teams are just as important as those of any so-called expert.

Who knows where posting will take you? Bill Simmons started on the Internet, just like the people featured on this page.

Cubs: Fans with profiles | Message board

In 2004, during spring break, my father and I decided to fly out to the Cubs spring training in Mesa for an early college graduation gift. In was a bittersweet trip considering a month earlier my grandfather had passed away. ...

I can remember growing up and sitting at my grandfather's house and watching the Cubs games. His channel was always on WGN. Ryne Sandberg was my favorite player. When I played Little League I played second base just like him, maybe not as skillful but I played the same position.
-- Read full post by DTJones2005

1. Say whatever, I'm putting the Chicago Cubs in this very section! Yes, and I will tell you why: 101 years without a World Series!? I don't think so! If the Cubs win a World Series this year, which I think they will, start to consider them a D-Y-A-N-A-S-T-Y.
-- Read full post by dawsonmiller20

The Chicago Cubs will win the N.L Central with a record of 92-70. The Cubs will then make it to the World Series and lose to the New York Yankees.

Sorry Cubs fans. Not yet.
-- Read full post by NfGould

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Bears: Fans with profiles | Message board

You want to know the best part about getting Jay Cutler? I get to laugh in Muhsin and Bernard Berrian's faces! They left our team and trashed us by saying "Chicago's where wide receivers go to die."
-- Read full post by chibears1223

If it wasn't for that ratty, old VHS my Chicago born and raised dad had dubbed of the extremely poorly presented, but always heralded in our household, Super Bowl of '85, (keep in mind, I was 5) I would not remember a great offensive force in Chicago.

I was raised a Bears fan the same way many in Boston are raised as Red Sox fans. We are told of the stories of the greatness that once existed in those franchises and why we should love them as fans, as true fans, and love them only the way a true fan can love them.
-- Read full post by brianinindy

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Bulls: Fans with profiles | Message board

What if MJ didn't play basketball? Would Karl Malone and John Stockton have won an NBA title? YES.

Would Patrick Ewing and the Knicks have won a couple of titles? Yes, at least one.

Would the Detroit Pistons have 3-peated? Yes.
-- Read full post by DTJones2005

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White Sox: Fans with profiles | Message board

Gosh I'm glad I've been a ChiSox fan all these years. I have enough else in my life to be sad, frustrated, upset and tense about. Don't need it in my favorite baseball team.

I have heard from die-hard Cub fans that Chicago is a "Cub" town. No, we are not perennial losers in Chicago, just the Cubs. And there was a time when this was a ChiSox town (see 1950s and 1970s).

Then the Cub fans argue attendance, dedication of the fan base, the ballpark, etc., but I will stack my Ozzie Guillen-led White Sox against the Cubs anytime.
-- Read full post by 55mikebacker

Blackhawks: Fans with profiles | Message board

Okay, so am I the only one that's noticed that Q has a shootout crush on Dave Bolland? I mean, Q puts him in EVERY shootout, no matter if he's played a good game or not.
-- Read full post by ejomo89

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Illinois: Fans with profiles | Message board

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Notre Dame: Fans with profiles | Message board

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