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What do teams want to find out about Michael Vick at the combine? Mel Kiper Jr. answers.
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The Morning Show
Mel Kiper Jr. knows the importance of training for the NFL combine.
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The Morning Show
Mel Kiper Jr. breaks down the top underclassmen in the NFL draft.
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Kiper: Sizing up the NFL combine's pros and cons

Personnel man on Vick: 'What a stud'

QB Michael Vick had two seasons of eligibility left at Virginia Tech, but he's bound for the NFL.
Feb. 22
As NFL teams converge upon Indianapolis for the scouting combine, at least one club other than San Diego choosing in the top 10 has done some extensive film review on Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Vick.

In fact, a personnel man for this team (which shall remain unidentified for now), had this to say about Vick: "What a stud. I mean, the thing that surprised us most is that he's more technically sound than you expect for such a young guy.

"When he's throwing on the run, he gets his shoulders turned ... his feet get right. He has the quickest release of almost anyone I've ever seen, I think. The ball comes out of there like a dart. He's more accurate than what you expect. His arm strength is unbelievable. And we don't have to talk about his athleticism, right? I mean, looking at everything physically, he's much better than Donovan McNabb and Daunte Culpepper, if you want to compare."

Note that this personnel man said "physically." Teams that have an interest in Vick will use the weekend in Indianapolis as an opportunity to measure the quarterback's intangibles such as personality, character and intelligence.

"You hear great things about those intangibles, but it's better to see for yourself," the personnel man said. "Other than his youth, the red flag has been the agent thing, where he switched guys. You hope that's not representative of a deeper character flaw, that's all."

This particular team does not expect that the Chargers, who own the top pick, will pass on the opportunity to draft Vick.

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