Tuesday, July 18
Trevino's Treasures
 Quotes by Trevino

"My family was so poor they couldn't afford kids. The lady next door had me."

"I've never had a coach in my life. When I find one who can beat me, then I'll listen."

"I putt so bad I'm gonna eat a can of Alpo." -- during a tourney in 1975

"I was tryin' to get so far ahead I could choke and still win, but I had to keep playin'." -- on being chased by Jack Nicklaus in the 1968 U.S. Open that Trevino won

"I'm doin' the playin' and my caddie's chokin'." -- when he couldn't find his caddie at the 1971 U.S. Open at Merion

"I'm a guy who'll play with amateurs. A $50 Nassau, $500, $5000 or nothing. It doesn't matter. I just like to play."

"Hell, man, Ray Charles could play here...and it still wouldn't make no difference." -- on the subtleties of Muirfield during the 1972 British Open

"I'm going to die in a tournament on the golf course. They'll just throw me in a bunker and build it up a little bit."


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