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NFL innovator Tex Schramm dies at 83

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Friends and colleagues remember Cowboys legend Tex Schramm.
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AllNight: Gil Brandt, one of Tex Schramm's first hires in 1959, tells Todd Wright about the great Cowboys architect.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Remembering Tex Schramm
Associated Press

Quotes about Tex Schramm, who died Tuesday:

"Tex was the ultimate football-minded man. He loved the game and he had a flair about him of show business that showed up on the halftime programs and the cheerleaders and the various things he did. He was just very innovative, an icon in the formation of the Cowboys and the popularity of the NFL. We're going to miss him.''
-- Hall of Famer Bob Lilly, the Cowboys' first draft pick.

"His name was Texas and he led the Cowboys, but the NFL family has lost one of its giants. Tex Schramm was one of the visionary leaders in sports history -- a thinker, doer, innovator and winner with few equals. He played a major role in building the NFL into America's passion by developing a glamour franchise with national appeal and by his leadership on so many league issues.''
-- NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue

"Tex will go down as one of the most influential figures in the history of the NFL. I truly believe he had as much, or more to do with the success of professional football as anyone who has ever been connected with the league.''
-- Former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula, who worked with Schramm on the competition committee for more than 20 years.

"On behalf of the entire Dallas Cowboys organization, its players, coaches and fans, we express our deepest sympathy to the Schramm family and everyone whose life was touched by Tex. His ultimate legacy is that of a family man and a football man, and he was a champion in both pursuits. His essence and influence nurtured the Dallas Cowboys from an expansion team to America's Team. This organization and its fans will forever be the beneficiaries of Tex Schramm's spirit and vision -- his passion and creativity.''
-- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

"The world is not as lively a place without Tex. ... Above everything else, Tex was a great guy; a person who could make you laugh, and appreciate the moment.'' -- Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell

"He was a tough but fair person. He was highly competitive, and that is one of the reasons he lasted as long as he did,'' Brandt said. "He was innovative, creative and a man with great vision.''
-- Gil Brandt, Cowboys' longtime player personnel director

"We were on opposite sides of the negotiating table and he was always firm in his beliefs, but Tex and I had great respect for each other. He was a competitor and loved to argue, but he had a lot of class and you always knew he was trying to do what was best for the NFL. He played a big part in getting us to where we are today.''
-- Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFL Players' Association

"I don't know of a person that did his job any better than Tex did. He was a tireless worker for the betterment of the National Football League, for the fans of the NFL and the players in the league.''
-- Brandt

"There's no telling how big he was. Having the influence he did with (NFL commissioner Pete) Rozelle and the other owners, there are many, many things we don't even know about.''
-- Lilly

"As commissioner, I have benefited greatly from what Tex had a big hand in creating. Personally, I am mourning the loss of a friend of three decades.''
-- Tagliabue

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