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Power outage: Bonds, Sosa to skip Derby

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Sam-fest: Cubs' Sosa slams Junior in HR Derby

Home run king: Giambi overwhelms Sosa in final

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
ESPN Classic's 2003 MLB All-Star Celebration

ESPN Classic celebrates the 2003 MLB All-Star Game on Sunday and Monday, July 13 and 14, with a look back at some memorable All-Star performances and Home Run Derby's of the past.
Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken Griffey Jr. won the Home Run Derby two consecutive times, including 1999, before losing to Sammy Sosa in 2000.
Classic's 14-hour celebration includes a couple of captivating American League victories and some mammoth homers by the likes of Sosa, Bonds, McGwire, Griffey, Giambi and more. Here's the complete schedule:
All time Eastern

ESPN Classic
2003 MLB All-Star Celebration
Sunday, July 13 from noon - 7 p.m.
Monday, July 14 from 1-8 p.m.

Sunday, July 13:

Noon - 1991 All-Star Game
MVP Cal Ripken Jr. clubbed a three-run homer in the bottom of the third inning to give the American League all the runs it would need in a 4-2 victory. Andre Dawson homered for the NL.

2 p.m. - 1998 All-Star Game
Roberto Alomar went 3-for-4, including a homer, a walk and a stolen base to earn MVP honors in a 13-8 AL All-Star victory. The American League scored at least one run in each of the last six innings. Barry Bonds slammed a three-run blast for the NL. Alomar won MVP one year after his brother Sandy achieved the same honor.

4 p.m. - 1993 All-Star Game
MVP Kirby Puckett hit a home run in the second inning and contributed an RBI-double in the fifth as the American League won its sixth straight All-Star game, 9-3, in Baltimore. Roberto Alomar also homered for the AL while Gary Sheffield gave the NL an early two-run lead with a homer in the first.
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa pounded 26 homers in the 2000 Derby but Jason Giambi beat him out in the finals in 2002.

Monday, July 14:

1 p.m. - 1996 Home Run Derby
Barry Bonds hits three consecutive home runs to edge out Mark McGwire for the home run crown.

3 p.m. - 1999 Home Run Derby
Ken Griffey Jr. wins his third home run derby, this one at Fenway Park in Boston.

5 p.m. - 2000 Home Run Derby
Sammy Sosa ended Ken Griffey Jr's two-year reign as home run champion by out-slugging him 9-2 in the finals. Sosa hit 26 total homers, 14 more than anyone else.

6:30 p.m. - 2002 Home Run Derby
Jason Giambi overcame Sammy Sosa's dazzling display of longballs early in the All-Star Home Run Derby and easily beat Sosa 7-1 in the final Despite not winning, Sosa hammered seven home runs that went 500 feet or more.

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