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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Brians battle for skating supremacy
By Phil Lee
Special to

February 20, 1988

In the 1988 Winter Olympics at Calgary, the men's figure skating competition was a battle of Brians -- American Brian Boitano against Canadian Brian Orser.

Prior to the 1988 Olympics, the Brians had met 10 times in international competition with Orser winning on seven occasions.

However, this time, the victory and the gold medal went to Boitano, who skated to Carmine Coppola's "Napoleon," executed eight triples, including a triple lutz, as well as gravity-defying death drop.

Despite the victory, Boitano sympathized with Orser. "The toughest thing was I almost felt guilty feeling great," Boitano said. "I knew how hard it was for him to go through it. I tried to hold back some of my feeling great so I would not make him feel worse."

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