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More Info on Gene Mauch

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Quotes by Gene Mauch

Quotes by Mauch

  • "Baseball and malaria keep coming back."
    --As Angels manager, 1982

  • "He talks very well for a guy who's had two fingers in his mouth all his life."
    --As Expos manager on suspected spitballer Don Drysdale, 1972

  • "If it's true that you live from adversity, then I must be the smartest S.O.B. in the world." --widely attributed

  • "It was like watching someone drown."
    --As Phillies manager, on the team's 1964 collapse, quoted by Bob Uecker in Catcher in the Wry

  • "You have to bear in mind that Mr. Autry's favorite horse was named Champion. He ain't ever had one called Runner-Up."
    --As Angels manager, on owner Gene Autry's desire to get into the World Series, quoted in Sports Illustrated

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