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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Not so sweet for Sugar Ray Leonard
By Larry Schwartz
Special to

Feb. 9, 1991

At 34, Ray Leonard looks more sour than sweet. He is no match for Terry Norris, who knocks down the once graceful master in the second and seventh rounds on the way to a unanimous decision that enables him to keep his WBC junior middleweight title. One official gives the 23-year-old Norris all 12 rounds.

"It just wasn't there," Leonard says. "He was too quick, too smart. He was a young Sugar Ray Leonard."

It's no mas for the old Leonard. With his left eye swollen shut and lip split open, the former champ grabs the microphone in the ring in Madison Square Garden and tells the crowd, "This is my last fight. Thank you for coming."

It is the fifth time that Leonard announces his retirement. It won't be his last.

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