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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Deja vu - Charles over Walcott
By Larry Schwartz
Special to

March 7, 1951

Twenty-one months earlier, fighting for the heavyweight championship vacated by Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles took a 15-round unanimous decision from Jersey Joe Walcott to win the title. The result is the same in tonight's rematch in Detroit, with Charles, the 4-1 favorite, winning by an even bigger margin, according to the officials' scorecards.

Charles, who weighs 186 pounds (the heaviest of his career), scores the only knockdown of the fight when a fast right and a left hook to the jaw send the 37-year-old challenger to the canvas in the ninth round.

While Charles is the clear victor (the officials have him winning by 10, 16 and 18 points), he comes out of the fight looking worse than Walcott, whose only wound is a slight cut above his left eye. Charles' left eye is swollen and his left ear is so puffed up that he will need surgery tomorrow to prevent the ear from becoming permanently misshapen.

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