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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Record 13 stolen bases allowed breaks Branch
By Larry Schwartz
Special to

June 28, 1907

New York Yankees catcher Branch Rickey does not have one of his better games, allowing a 20th-century-record 13 stolen bases in a 16-5 Washington victory.

"The Washington's went on a baserunning spree -- waxed merry over a jag of pilfered bases," reported The Washington Post. "Rickey threw so poorly to bases that all a man had to do to put through a steal was to start. The Washington's soon discovered that as a thrower Rickey was many chips shy, and they paused in their travels merely long enough to get breath."

"My arm was numb," Rickey says, "and I was helpless to do anything."

Thirty-eight years later Rickey will make history in a more positive way when he integrates baseball by signing Jackie Robinson.

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