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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Hustling Rose grills Fosse for NL's winning run
By Larry Schwartz
Special to

July 14, 1970

Pete Rose had dinner with good friend Sam McDowell and Ray Fosse last night and then had the pair over to his house. "First time I'd ever met Fosse," Rose says. "He was telling me how the American Leaguers were going to beat us."

It doesn't happen. At tonight's All-Star Game in Cincinnati, Rose has Fosse for dinner. In the 12th inning, Rose scores the N.L.'s winning run on Jim Hickman's single to center when the 220-pound Rose barrels into the 215-pound Fosse with a football shoulder block, flipping the catcher into a somersault.

"I didn't want to hurt the guy," says Rose after the 5-4 victory, the National League's eighth straight. "He was straddling the line a few feet in front of the plate. I did the only thing I could."

Fosse is 23 years old and playing his first full season with the Cleveland Indians. "I was just about to catch the ball," says Fosse, who suffers a badly injured shoulder. "That's when he hit me. I never did touch the ball. I'll tell you, Pete's a hustler."

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